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Woman Dies following Late-Term Abortion at Carhart Clinic

Wonder when Obomber and Biden will actually do something productive, to save “just one life?”…..Don’t hold your breath.


This morning Operation Rescue and the Maryland Coalition for Life announced that yesterday a woman died from complications after undergoing a late-term, 33-week abortion at the hands of the infamous abortionist, LeRoy Carhart, in Germantown, Maryland.

From Operation Rescue’s press release:

The woman, who came for a third trimester abortion from out-of-state, arrived at GRHC on Sunday and was seen by pro-life activists every day through Wednesday. Witnesses said she appeared “pale and weak.”

Early Thursday morning, the woman began suffering chest pain and other discomforts. Her attempts to reach Carhart were unsuccessful. The woman was taken by her family from her hotel to a nearby hospital emergency room at approximately 5:00 a.m. Efforts by hospital staff to contact Carhart or get informational assistance from the abortion clinic were unsuccessful.

The patient suffered massive internal bleeding into her abdominal cavity. She slipped into a Code Blue condition approximately six times before finally succumbing to her injuries at around 9:30 a.m. The case has been placed with the Medical Examiner for further investigation.

This is tragic news. Please join the entire SBA List staff in praying for the deceased mother and child, as well as their family during this time.

This is not an isolated incident. reports that yesterday’s death occurred the same day of another medical emergency at a New Mexico abortion clinic where LeRoy Carhart’s associate Shelley Sella is working. Carhart himself is also responsible for another woman’s death following a botched abortion in 2005.

This woman came to Maryland from out-of-state because Maryland’s permissive abortion laws allow Carhart to perform abortions for any reason, throughout all nine months of pregnancy, until the moment of birth.

Women deserve better than a dangerous late-term abortion at the hands of a notorious abortionist.

Please Take Action immediately: Demand that Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley investigate and close Carhart’s dangerous and deadly late-term abortion center in Germantown, Maryland.

This is not an isolated incident. Live Action has found that 14 medical emergencies have occurred at Planned Parenthood’s nationwide in the last two years. Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion chain and these incident may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Abortion-advocates supposedly once operated under the premise that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” The reality is that of these three, abortion is only really legal.


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Just why does a FDA building need armed guards????

Guard shoots at boy, 15, at FDA office in Bothell
Updated 9:56 am, Friday, February 8, 2013
Investigators work the scene after a security officer opened fire on a 15 year-old boy outside the Food and Drug Administration's Pacific Regional Laboratory Northwest on Friday, February 8, 2013 in Bothell. Officers were working to determine what happened and were interviewing students next door at the Northshore School District Secondary Academy for Success. Photo: JOSHUA TRUJILLO / SEATTLEPI.COM

Investigators work the scene after a security officer opened fire on a 15 year-old boy outside the Food and Drug Administration’s Pacific Regional Laboratory Northwest on Friday, February 8, 2013 in Bothell. Officers were working to determine what happened and were interviewing students next door at the Northshore School District Secondary Academy for Success. Photo: JOSHUA TRUJILLO
BOTHEL — A security guard opened fire on a 15-year-old boy at a Food and Drug Administration facility in Bothell early Friday, according to police.

Bothell Police Captain Denise Langford said it was not immediately clear why the guard fired at the boy about 7 a.m. in the parking lot of the FDA’s Pacific Regional Laboratory Northwest.

The teenager got into a car after the shooting and crashed into another vehicle about a mile away, police said.

Contrary to initial information from police, it was not clear if they boy was actually wounded in the shooting. Lanford said the boy was taken to a hospital and was expected to recover.

People who were in the area at the time of the shooting said they heard multiple gunshots.

Tire tracks could been seen leading from the street in front of the building and across a grassy median.

Langford said the guard who fired at the boy is employed by a company contracted by the FDA to provide security at the laboratory, which is at 22201 23rd Drive S.E.

Police have cordoned off the area while they investigate.


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Clash and Sesame Street are BOTH child molesters! Six figures say so…

elmo (#15854)

elmo (#15854) (Photo credit: mark sebastian)

This was the report on the 13th…..


 This is the report today…Isn’t it funny what money will buy?Who ever will trust their children to these perverts again, those who commit these acts with children…and those who conspire with them to buy the silence? 

Elmo not a perv!

The young man who accused Elmo Muppeteer Kevin Clash of having a sexual relationship with him when he was a minor suddenly recanted his story yesterday.“He wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship. He will have no further comment,’’ said the unidentified accuser’s lawyers in a curt statement.It was released about an hour after lawyers for both sides discussed a possible “six-figure’’ financial settlement, the Web site TMZ reported, quoting a source “close to the situation.”

RED-FACED: Although Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, has been exonerated of having sex with a minor, salacious e-mails to his young male lover have surfaced.

RED-FACED: Although Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, has been exonerated of having sex with a minor, salacious e-mails to his young male lover have surfaced.

The development came a day after it was revealed that the now-23-year-old man had accused Clash — the puppeteer and voice behind “Sesame Street’s” most famous monster — of having a relationship with him seven years ago, when Clash was 45 and he was 16.

Clash, an Upper West Side divorced dad, was forced to come out of the closet while admitting the pair had a relationship — but strenuously denied it occurred when his lover was underage.“I am relieved that this painful allegation has been put to rest,’’ Clash, 52, said in a statement yesterday. “I will not discuss it further.”

When the allegation surfaced, Clash announced that he was taking an indefinite leave of absence from the show to challenge the “false’’ and “defamatory’’ accusation. A “Sesame Street” source yesterday said it’s unclear when he might return to work the studios in Long Island City, Queens.

Sesame Street Workshop released a statement saying only, “We are pleased that this matter has been brought to a close, and we are happy that Kevin can move on from this unfortunate episode.’’

Meanwhile, the accuser’s backtracking didn’t end the embarrassment for the middle-aged Muppeteer.Clash once admitted in a salacious e-mail to his much-younger male lover that he just couldn’t keep his mind off sex, TMZ reported. “I’m sorry that I keep talking about sex with you, it’s driving me insane,” Clash allegedly wrote.

“I want you to know that I love you and I will never hurt you. I’m here to protect you and make sure your dreams come true. “I’ll have my assistant book a ticket for you to come to NY and we can talk about this in person.”

Clash wrote the e-mail in 2010 or 2011, said a show executive, who confirmed its contents to The Post. He wrote it from his company e-mail address, which is why he has been disciplined for violating the show’s policy on Internet use, the source said. The source did not reveal how Clash — who divorced his college sweetheart years ago and has a 20-year-old daughter — was disciplined.

Clash’s bosses first learned of the underage-sex allegation in June, when his accuser e-mailed the show’s p.r. department saying “he had information about . . . one of the voices of a famous puppet,’’ the source said. That call triggered a flurry of meetings between the man and the show’s lawyers — but the accuser could never produce any proof, the source said. “We knew about the e-mail. We’d seen it. We determined there was a relationship but that [the accuser] was a consenting adult,’’ the source said. “We kept repeatedly asking the accuser if he’d provide evidence. Believe me, there was a search.”

By August, “they told [the accuser] that they did not believe him,’’ the source said.

Additional reporting by Amber Sutherland and Dareh Gregorian

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Photos of Gangs in the 50s…what a diff

54100. The Circle, Brooklyn, New York. Photoch...

54100. The Circle, Brooklyn, New York. Photochrom print by the Detroit Photographic Co., copyrighted 1904. From the Photochrom Prints Collection at the Library of Congress More photochroms from New York & the United States | More photochrom prints [PD] This picture is in the public domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Captivating Photos of a Teen Gang in ’50s Brooklyn

by . Posted on 10:30 am Wednesday Jul 4, 2012


[Editor’s note: Your devoted Flavorwire editors are taking a break in honor of Independence Day, but to keep you entertained over the holiday, we’re leaving you with the most popular features of the year so far. This post originally ran January 4.] These boys look like trouble. You can tell by the way they grease back their hair, toke their smokes and snap their fingers… Legendary New York photographer Bruce Davidson documented a gang of “troubled teenagers coming of age” in 1959 Brooklyn, capturing the young almost-underbelly of a conservative, “innocent” society. They called themselves the Jokers. See them look tough, get tattoos, get into fights, dance to records, nuzzle with their gal pals and loiter cinematically. Spotted by theRetronaut, indulge yourself with this look back in time, with a tinge of glamorous masculinity and teenage angst.


Image credit: Bruce Davidson

Image credit: Bruce Davidson

Image credit: Bruce Davidson

Image credit: Bruce Davidson

Image credit: Bruce Davidson

Image credit: Bruce Davidson

Image credit: Bruce Davidson

Image credit: Bruce Davidson

Image credit: Bruce Davidson

Image credit: Bruce Davidson

Image credit: Bruce Davidson


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7,500 swell coal rally crowd Matt Romney speaks in Grundy, Va.

October 22, 2012
7,500 swell coal rally crowd
Matt Romney speaks in Grundy, Va.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

GRUNDY, Va. — Thousands of coal miners, along with their families and friends heard the mountain top message, and agreed to “take their fight to the ballot box” on Nov. 6, during the Rally in Support of Coal Jobs Sunday at Poplar Gap Park near Grundy, Va. Matt Romney, Susan Allen and her son, Forrest Allen, and several more spoke before Charlie Daniels rocked the mountain.

“He ended his show with a performance of ‘The Devil Came Down to Georgia,’ and the crowd went wild,” State Delegate James W. “Will” Morefield, R-Tazewell, said after the event. When he learned that a Buchanan County, Va., dispatcher had joked that “The Devil came down to Grundy,” Morefield finished the thought: “The Devil came down to Grundy, looking for some coal to steal,” Morefield said.

Regional pro-coal groups and a bipartisan group of state legislators managed to put the event together in just two weeks. “When we had the conference call about this event, we asked Erik Robinson if he could get Charlie Daniels for us in two weeks,” State Senator Phillip P. Puckett, D-Russell, said. “Erik has made contacts by putting on shows for the Second Chance Learning Center. He was able to work it out.”

Most of the rally was already in place when Matt Romney, the second son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, agreed to serve as keynote speaker at the rally. He said that his brothers and his mother are all out working for his dad.

“I know my dad,” Matt Romney said to a crowd of 7,500 people gathered for the rally. Consol estimated the number attending the rally by counting the cars entering the Poplar Gap Park concert venue. “He is someone who cares about this great nation.” He said his father had a singular reason for seeking the presidency. “It was his time to give back,” he said.

“Right now, our country is in dire straights,” Romney said. “Twenty-three million Americans are out of work, and we are at $16 trillion in our national debt. I think it’s not only crippling the country. I think it’s immoral.”

He said there is a great difference between his father’s vision for the country and the vision that President Barack Obama has outlined. “Obama says we need to share the pie better,” Matt Romney said. “My father wants to grow that pie for everyone. He wants North America to be energy independent by 2020. To do that, we can’t ignore coal, oil and natural gas.”

He said his father does care. “What drives him is his love for this great country,” Matt Romney said of his father. “I’ve seen him when he gets focused.” He said his father can turn things around with his vision of smaller government and curbing government spending.

While Matt Romney received a powerful response from the crowd, the man who introduced him — Emory Altizer of Belfast, Va., — received an equally strong response. Altizer, 91, has worked in the area coal mines for 70 years, and as recently as December 2011, he operated a continuous mining machine in the mine where he was working as an outside man.

“We’re at a critical time in our lives,” Altizer said. “We’re at a crossroads in our nation.” He said that he has lived through several administrations in Washington, “but this is the first one who has declared a war on coal. I pray you’ll vote for coal,” he said, but apologized to the audience. “I’m not much of a public speaker,” he said.

Susan Allen, former Virginia first lady and the wife of Republican U.S. Senate Candidate George Allen told the audience how close her husband feels to the people of Southwest Virginia. “You can count on George Allen to work hard for you,” she said. She said that the Allen family knows how important the American dream is to the people of Southwest Virginia. “The future of America relies on what happens here in the Ninth Congressional District,” she said.

State Delegate Israel O’Quinn, R-Grayson, provided a history lesson about what happened when British troops threatened to run American colonials out of western Virginia during the American Revolution. The Over-Mountain Me, formed a militia that unleashed their wrath on British Army regulars in South Carolina.

“It’s time to pull our friends together,” O’Quinn said. “Take the fight to the ballot box. We have everything to be proud of and nothing to be ashamed of.”

Barb Finney of Princeton climbed the steps of a flatbed trailer that was set-up for the media to take a picture of the crowd with her iPhone. “We want to post it on Facebook so people can see how many people are here supporting the coal industry,” her husband, Edward Finney, 43, a coal miner at the MetinVest Mine in Raleigh County, said.

Finney has eight years of working in the mines. “We’re a little slow now,” he said of work at the mine. “We just wanted to get a picture on Facebook to show everyone whose hurting that people are trying to do something.” Barb and Edward Finney came to the event with their children, Madison, 10, and Hunter, 8.

Chris Deel, 33, of Haysi, Va., also brought his family with him to the rally. He runs a shovel for United Coal Co. “We’re down to eight hours a day now,” Deel said. “That’s all the work there is for us now. A lot of guys are cut off now. At least we’re still working.”

Jack Richardson of Consol welcomed the crowd. “Coal is the backbone of the American economy,” Richardson said. “If we move away from coal, where are we going to be as a nation?”

Michelle Jenkins spoke on behalf of U.S. Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Va., who did not attend the rally because he was attending the baptism of his 12-year-old daughter, Abby. Robert Litton read a letter supporting the coal miners from Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, and Shane Clem represented U.S. Senator Mark Warner,” D-Va.

After reading Warner’s comments about his support for a diverse energy portfolio, Clem’s voice was filled with emotion as he looked out on the audience and said, “as a former miner myself,” he was personally moved by the audience. He was injured in the mines, and accepted the position with Sen. Warner.

The crowd reacted with silence when Morefield said: “I’m here to tell you: Yes we can,” he said and paused. “Yes we can correct our mistakes,” he said, finishing the thought.

“You tell them Will,” a man shouted from deep in the crowd.”

Morefield asked the people to vote for people who support the coal industry, “for the sake of our future and the sake of our children’s future.”

Delegate Terry Kilgore, R-Scott, urged the people attending the rally to get their friends together and vote. “I know we can do anything if we try,” he said. “Let’s get together on Nov. 6.”

Puckett observed that he had a tough place to speak because,” I’m the only person standing between you and listening to Charlie Daniels,” he said. “We’ve got a story to tell,” he said, pointing out that coal is important to the region; that everyone here depends on coal and there are people who don’t know what coal does. “Make sure you tell that story,” he said. “Thank you for showing up to this event.”

Barbara Altizer of the Eastern Coal Council, Cathy St. Clair of Consol and Mary Belcher of the Buchanan County Chamber of Commerce worked with a large group of volunteers to make the event come together.

“We were all freezing up here on Saturday, but we couldn’t have asked for a prettier day for this event,” Altizer said.

Roger Riffe, vice chair of the Buchanan County Board of Supervisors said that the county worked over an extended period of tome to make the park what it is now. “I think it’s really appropriate that this rally is being held on a reclaimed surface mine,” Riffe said. “We’re putting this land to good use.”  

The popular Southwest Virginia band, Folk Soul Revival opened the show after Sandy Shortridge sang the National Anthem and the Giles-Gentry VFW Post 7360 performed Taps, and gave a 21 volley rifle salute.

— Contact Bill Archer at


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Could your state use 25 billion


Pelosi (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)


I ask, because the money that we allow to go to 535 politicians in Washington, DC, to spend on vote buying, could just as easily stay in your own state…I don’t know about you, but the 2 year budget of Kentucky is only 22 billion….with another 25 billion, we could sure take care of our ,own here. I know you will bring up that it wouldn’t be divided equally because each state has different incomes…I am just using this as an example to show just how much money and worse, power, we are passively giving to those mere 535 individuals in DC, who you nor I have voted for. Why should what Pelosi does to her people in California, affect me….she is not my Representative ..Lets stop feeding the pigs in DC and keep the dollars closer to home…where we can better watch them… 


Report: Welfare government’s single largest budget item in FY 2011 at approx. $1.03 trillion


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Report: Welfare government’s single largest budget item in FY 2011 at approx. $1.03 trillion

12:00 AM 10/18/2012

Caroline May

Political Reporter

The government spent approximately $1.03 trillion on 83 means-tested federal welfare programs in fiscal year 2011 alone — a price tag that makes welfare that year the government’s largest expenditure, according to new data released by the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee.

The total sum taxpayers spent on federal welfare programs was derived from a new Congressional Research Service (CRS) report on federal welfare spending — which topped out at $745.84 billion for fiscal year 2011 — combined with an analysis from the Republican Senate Budget Committee staff of state spending on federal welfare programs (based on “The Oxford Handbook of State and Local Government Finance”), which reached $282.7 billion in fiscal year 2011.

The data excludes spending on Social Security, Medicare, means-tested health care for veterans without service-connected disabilities, and the means-tested veterans pension program.

According to the CRS report, which focused solely on federal spending for federal welfare programs, spending on federal welfare programs increased $563.413 billion in fiscal year 2008 to $745.84 billion in fiscal year 2011 — a 32 percent increase.

Further, spending on the 10 largest federal welfare programs has doubled as a share of the federal budget in the last 30 years: In inflation-adjusted dollars, according to Republican staff on the Senate Budget Committee, the amount spent on these programs has increased 378 percent in that 30 year time frame.

CRS reports that food assistance programs — the third largest welfare category behind health and cash assistance — experienced the greatest increase in spending, with 71 percent more spending in 2011 than in 2008. The agency explained that this spending increase was largely due to the growth in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps.

CRS further noted that the largest expenditure category, health, was 37 percent higher in fiscal year 2011 than fiscal year 2008. In that same period, cash aid increased 12 percent, education assistance increased 57 percent, housing and development assistance increased 2 percent, social services increased 3 percent, employment and training remained the same (though fluctuated in intervening years), and energy assistance was 67 percent higher in fiscal year 2011 than fiscal year 2008.

The total federal spending on federal welfare programs vastly outpaced fiscal year 2011 spending on such federal expenditures as non-war defense ($540 billion), Social Security ($725 billion), Medicare ($480 billion), and departments such as Justice ($30.5 billion), Transportation ($77.3 billion) and Education ($65.486 billion) — a fact that alarmed the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, who requested the report from CRS.

“These astounding figures demonstrate that the United States spends more on federal welfare than any other program in the federal budget,” Sessions wrote The Daily Caller in an email. “It is time to restore — not retreat from — the moral principles of the 1996 welfare reform. Such reforms, combined with measures to promote growth, will help both the recipient and the Treasury.”

When state spending on federal welfare programs — specifically Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program — was thrown into the mix, the amount spent on federal welfare increased 28 percent, from $798.813 billion in fiscal year 2008 to $1.028.54 trillion in fiscal year 2011.

“No longer should we measure compassion by how much money the government spends, but by how many people we help to rise out of poverty,” Sessions continued. “Welfare assistance should be seen as temporary whenever possible, and the goal must be to help more of our fellow citizens attain gainful employment and financialindependence. This is about more than rescuing our finances. It’s about creating a more optimistic future for millions of struggling Americans.”

With food assistance spending increasing the most out of every category, Sessions, who has been sounding the alarm on the expanding food stamp rolls, noted that the Obama administration has allowed for the food stamp increase through misleading promotion and a disregard for self-reliance.

“The administration ludicrously argues that every five dollars in food stamp spending results in nearly 10 dollars in economic benefit. They insist that communities ‘lose out’ when more people don’t sign up for benefits,” Sessions noted. “[The United States Department of Agriculture] even awarded a recruitment worker for overcoming people’s ‘mountain pride.’ Is this a hopeful vision for the future? Do these priorities make our country stronger and our economy more secure?”

Read the report (click the “fullscreen” icon in the bottom right to view):

Spending for Federal Benefits and Services for People With Low Income, FY08-FY11

Read more:


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