3pm Nor’easter Radar Update

08 Feb

his radar image shows a lot of things happening, so lets break it down:

1) The coastal nor’easter is intensifying and the moisture is rotating inland from southeast to northwest. This is why northern and western parts of the area have seen very little snow thus far. There are some very heavy bands of snow to our southeast, the questions will revolve around how far north and west some of the heavy bands of snow make it.

2) The snow associated with the low pressure system off to the northwest, is beginning to get drawn into the primary storm off the coast, this band of snow will keep pressing east during the afternoon.

3) The coastal storm cranking up, and the storm to our northwest, are starting to phase together, and the result is that the gaps in the snow are filling in rapidly. As the energy continues to transfer from the northwest to the coast, the bands of snow will only intensify this afternoon. As this happens, we will finally be able to get a firm grasp on whether snow amounts will be closer to 10″ or to 18″. Courtesy

center* 3pm Nor’easter Radar Update */center.

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