Headlines you probably won’t see in American News

27 Sep


Ex-boyfriend of Katy Perry who starred in The O.C. found dead after ‘murdering LA landlady, 81, and then attacking two others with a plank of wood’

  • Johnny Lewis, 28, found dead in driveway after allegedly murdering Catherine Chabot Davis, 81, and her cat
  • Police believe actor was on drugs – either PCP or meth – during bizarre double death on Wednesday morning
  • Released from jail six days before killing and had several criminal cases filed against him at time of death
  • Lewis showed ‘super-human strength’ when he attacked two neighbours with plank of wood before climbing onto roof and falling or jumping to his death
  • TV star dated Katy Perry in 2006 and regularly appeared at red carpet events with the singer



Brilliant, it’s spot on: How the British language has invaded America


PUBLISHED: 10:23 EST, 27 September 2012 | UPDATED: 11:19 EST, 27 September 2012

They say America and Britain are two nations separated by one common language but linguistically the transatlantic allies are increasingly starting to borrow colloquialisms from each other.

One U.S. language watchdog, Ben Yagoda, is on a quest to track the British language invasion into the vernacular of the former colonies, pointing out the use of Britishisms like ‘brilliant,’ ‘sport’ and ‘carry-on’ in everyday use.

And imitation is indeed the highest form of flattery.

Then I find this……maybe the American culture of common sense has invaded England as well…….

Most senior judge in England and Wales says people have right to protect their homes when they are in fear of their life

  • Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge said: ‘The householder is entitled to use reasonable force to get rid of the burglar’
  • Follows sentencing of Joshua O’Gorman and Daniel Mansell who were jailed for four years each for burglary
  • Pair were blasted with a legally-owned shotgun by Andy Ferrie as they attempted to ransack his isolated farm cottage
  • Follows Judge Michael Pert’s comments that burglars that being shot by homeowners was simply a chance that burglars took

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