Vote fraud prevention bad pregnancy prevention good

25 Sep


Citizens who were concerned about the problems they were witnessing in their polling places, ask their elected officials to do something about it, and Republicans respond with attempts to “prevent” voter fraud…. Democrats do nothing but deny that it is happening. Actions are taken to ” prevent” fraud and in the process, actual fraud is found, illegals are registered to vote. Plus dead people are on voter lists. But when fraud is found it is …..well, just a little!


Then we get a quote from someone who is offended because they must prove that they are actually a citizen! Why didn’t this “citizen” make sure she was properly registered? It is amazing the portrayal by the left and the media that Republicans want to deny “votes” to them instead of what it actually is…..prevention! Prevention of vote fraud is somehow bad…yet abortion as prevention, is somehow good. I guess it’s OK to prevent a baby a “right” to life, but preventing illegal voters from voting, is somehow bad.

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