’2016: Obama’s America’ – watch it here BEFORE you vote!

22 Sep

Please see before you vote. this is the documentary everyone, but the media, is talking about

Letting Freedom Ring

Although I believe everyone should see this movie before they vote, I did not realize it was an unauthorized video/vimeo when it was released on YouTube.  I am sorry for any inconvenience, but I have removed the link from this site. (I am sure it will be off YouTube soon.)

It is a shame it is not more widely available right now because many voters are unable to see it in theaters.  Some live in remote areas, others live in liberal areas where theaters refuse to show the film, and others (mostly military) are abroad and may not have access to the documentary.

I have learned the DVD is available on Netflix and is offered for pre-sale through Amazon.  The documentary will be released October 16th.  I wish it were out now but hope many of you will purchase the video and make it available to large groups before the election.  You can order your copy by…

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