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19 Sep


General Motors automobile mural

General Motors automobile mural (Photo credit: Toban Black)


House Republican Press Conference on Health Ca...

House Republican Press Conference on Health Care Reform (Photo credit: House GOP Leader)


Why do the politicians, particularly Obama and team when talking about Health care, continue to talk in terms of what it is costing us? Yet, when they discuss GM, say, they talk of the jobs created. Could it be because the real agenda with health care, is not the costs, but the fact that the more we, as citizens spend on health care, the less they can tax you, to pay for their vote buying schemes? I say it is. I am no smarty..but I just bet that there are far more jobs created in the health care”INDUSTRY” then in the Car INDUSTRY…..I also know that spending $10,000 to save a life, is far more important than spending $10,000 on upgrades to a vehicle…..just wondering……….


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