Interesting tweet from Saudi Arabia

14 Sep

I found this tweet interesting…no violence in Saudi Arabia because they are conservative ….now the left wingers here in US try to portray the  Islamic radicals as “right wingers ” which any one with a brain not fried on marijuana use…can see the difference when conservatives rally…ie. Tea Party “right winger” … vs. Left wingers… ie. 99% Occupiers! What you see in the middle east is a very large version of the anarchists….ie 99% Occupiers!

Eman al-Nafjan, Saudi Arabia “Saudi Arabia is a conservative country. There isn’t a history of political activism here. There has been talk about people going to the McDonalds in Riyadh to protest against the film, but it might not happen. People usually disappear as soon as the police show up. A lot of people here condemn the movie, but they also condemn any violence associated with it. What Saudi Arabians want is an official apology from the US Government.”

via BBC News – LIVE: Protests over anti-Islam film.

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