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14 Sep


  1. AJE Live Al Jazeera news

    tweets: Protesters from Salafist groups in Sinai have stormed camp for UN multinational peacekeepers in town of Sheikh Zuwayed

  2. 1650: Ishaq Khalid, BBC Hausa in Jos, Nigeria 

    says: “Hundreds of youth carrying placards denouncing Israel and the United States have gathered. On the other side, there are many heavily armed security personnel with armoured tanks. Even though they shot into the air, perhaps to disperse the crowd, there has been no violence, and up till now there are no reports of deaths or injuries. The protest has been peaceful.”

  3. 1646: William Hague British Foreign Secretary 

    says: “We have spoken to the Sudanese ambassador in London and raised our serious concerns that this attack was able to take place. It is the responsibility of the Sudanese authorities to ensure that effective protection is provided to diplomatic premises at all times. I condemn in the strongest possible terms today’s attack.”


    Ahmed Zahran 

    tweets: A friend in #Tunis living next to USA embassy: “me & neighbors armed and ready to attack the salafi extremists, its us or them tonight”

  5. 1641: 

    Sudanese newspaper editor Othman Mergany has told the BBC that he believes three people have been killed in protests outside the American embassy in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

1638: The German embassy in Khartoum, pictured here, has been partially set alight. Demonstrators also tore down the German flag and hoisted an Islamic banner in its place.

via BBC News – LIVE: Protests over anti-Islam film.

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