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14 Sep

Baroness Ashton EU foreign policy chief “It is vitally important that leaders across the affected regions should call immediately for peace and restraint, as has already been the case in many countries. I call on all governments and the religious and secular leaders to promote tolerance and dialogue.”

  Ben in Dubai emails: We in the “west” are expected to not treat all Muslims as terrorists because of the actions of a few extremists. Surely Muslims should not blame an entire country for the actions of a few extremists.

  AA tweets: Having so much discussions with fellow Egyptians re freedom of expression… many taken back by passion for free expression even if offensive

2115: There have been further reports that an Egyptian protester was killed by gunfire during a demonstration in Cairo’s Tahrir Square earlier

  Yasser, in Munich, Germany, emails: Just read a comment here from one of the users from Sudan saying that the attack on the German embassy was due to a law banning circumcision being passed. There is no such law! A court did rule that circumcision might constitute bodily harm but the German government is preparing a law ensuring that circumcisions stays legal. Even if such a law did pass there is never justification for violence!

  Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor Speaking to the 10 o’clock news from Cairo’s Tahrir Square: “Even if this all ended and people went home, there are some important lessons for governments in the region. This is a sign of the frustration and anger that is never far from the surface. For wesatern countires as well, there should be a realisation that just because dictators have gone it doesn’t mean that dealing with people is going to get any easier.”

2056: Egyptian news agency MENA says that protesters who attached an international peacekeepers basecamp in the Sinai removed a fence around the camp and seized arms and wireless devices.

2050: Ali Belhadj, a former deputy of Algeria’s outlawed Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) party, addressed a crowd of people protesting against the anti-Islam movie in Algiers earlier

  Jon Williams BBC World News Editor tweets: Senate calls on @StateDept IG to investigate security at Benghazi consulate before and during Sep 11 attack #Libya

2040: Tunisia’s state news agency, citing the health ministry, says that both people killed in today’s demonstrations were protesters. The injured reportedly include both police and protesters.

  Africa Renewal the UN’s African news and analysis service tweets: In the face of violence in Libya, Egypt & elsewhere, we call for Responsible Leadership and Responsible Citizenship #RepresentYourself

2025: According to a Reuters reporter in Tunisia, some of the protesters attacking the American school in Tunis looted laptops and tablet computers.

  Rafat Ali tweets: Our Imam at Friday prayers today: how can you expect Allah to show mercy on you if you can’t show mercy to those who offend you? #peace

  LJ Holly, Khartoum, Sudan, emails: Just wanted to add that the attack on the German Embassy is the culmination of a week of anti-German demonstrations and articles in Sudan about a court ruling in Germany. The attacks regard that rather than the parallel YouTube film narrative. In addition, the British Embassy was not the focus for the protests, but the embassies share an entrance gate.

2011: The Tunisian

via BBC News – LIVE: Protests over anti-Islam film.

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