Another foreigner dupes good Americans

13 Sep


Headline says it all—– Calif. man—– no, it is an Egyptian. A man who somehow got into this country and used it! When will our globe trotting elitist, who beleive that they are so much more wiser and tolerant, than the average American citizen. That they know what is good for us and our country.
We are the bigots and intolerant ones for wanting to maintain a American culture. They are far to “smart” to be duped!  Yet, look at the messes and deaths that are being caused by these decisions which allow just anyone into the country, that they deem fit!
They will try to cover their mistakes, by blaming anyone but those who are living in the 7th. century and have a true hate for other religions and yes, hate the seculars as well. They will deny this, because they are far too “smart”  to be duped. As they mingle with those, who are really—— much more “smarter” and cunning than they!

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