News headlines meant to deceive

09 Sep

Deceptive headlines are a pet peeve of mine..I will probably set up a page of these…once I figure out how to!…lol  For now I will post the idea here. The first of course is the “SLOW JOB GROWTH” this “distorter” (reporter) knows full well. or should with a little research, that there is NO GROWTH in jobs..since 2008, there are actually FEWER people working now than before OB set out to “create” jobs! 


Now this one is a good one too….Americans FEEL safer now. Terror has taken a back seat! Of course it has, because the “distorters” have not reported about the terrorists that are increasing in the countries where OB has drone killed so called terrorist, and the “distorters” do not report the civilian deaths from these attacks…as they did on the very few that Bush used in the Iraq war. The “distorters” also forget to mention that we are not at WAR with these countries either! So as OB continues to create more America haters  in countries we have not declared war on, the people remain uninformed. I guess it is JUST Republicans that MAKE enemies when we use drones… 

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