I’m Sick and Tired

04 Sep

I agree..what is it with the Republicans. When are they going to get a backbone. I sure hope Ryan helps.

For What It's Worth . . .

I’m sick to death of hearing about Todd Akin.

I’m tired of our team eating our own over the smallest thing while the other side celebrates and honors their most reprehensible characters. I won’t recount to sordid tales of Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank or Bill Clinton.

I’m sick of the Press trying to tie an idiot like Akin to every Republican in the world no matter how tenuous that connection might be.

I’m tired of Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and all the other “feminists” in the Democrat Party sitting on their hands or even running to the defense of a sexual predator like Clinton while at the same time screaming at the top of their lungs that Akin’s comments mean Republican’s are “waging war” on women.

ENOUGH! This evil double standard must cease.

If they are going to take Akin’s scalp then we need to take Clinton’s scalp. I stand…

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