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Ok Day One

 Rain again today….so tired of the rain everyday! Our toilet was fixed today…and it didn’t cost anything! Thank God….I was so worried….but a little snake and wallah….it flushes again….Spent my $10. for gas today…got enough to get home! this is getting scarey…2.6 gallons does not go very far….and the current occupant in the white house would tell me to get a smaller car! Sure and just who is going to give me the money to pay for it?? Him??? He is too busy campaigning and playing to be bothered with how  real people in this country live…He does not have a clue! He may pretend that he does…but we are not as STUPID as he believes we are….We are not going to fall for his game again…bye bye in 2012! Off to Harvard with you….

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